Updated version of L3TB product, and L3RFI product no longer generated

A updated version of the L3TB product - Global polarised brightness temperature product from SMOS satellite - is available since 01/03/2020

In this version, the brightness temperature values potentially contaminated by RFI or by the sun are no longer removed from the data. Instead, 2 new counter fields (Nb_RFI_Flags and NB_SUN_Flags) have been added, in order to count the number of views identified as contaminated. Therefore a low counter value means a low probability of contamination, and a high counter value means a high probability of contamination.

In addition the L3RFI product - Monthly multi-angular RFI probability product from SMOS satellite - is no longer generated. Users are advised to use the new Nb_RFI_Flags counter field of the L3TB product instead.

Historical data (before 29/02/2020) of the L3TB product will be reprocessed later this year.

More information and data access here.