New version v9 of debiased SSS L3 maps from Locean

A new version (version 9) of debiased SMOS SSS L3 maps generated by LOCEAN /ACRI-ST is available on CATDS CEC-OS.

This ninth version of Level 3 SMOS SSS covers the period January 2010-December 2023. A correction of SMOS SSS from systematic biases uses an improved ‘de-biasing’ technique, similar to the one used to produce version 8. Validation reports of the product compared to various sources of in situ measurements are available at PIMEP ( At global scale, without any filtering, r2 between CEC v9 SSS and Argo delayed time SSS are 0.947 (9-day products) and 0.969 (18-day products), robust std of the difference is 0.26 (9-day products) and 0.18 (18-day products).

Feedbacks from users about the quality of these new products are very welcome, as they are experimental.

More information and data access here.