New version of debiased SSS L3 maps from Locean

A new version (version 1) of debiased SMOS SSS L3 maps generated by LOCEAN/IPSL/ACRI-ST is available on CATDS CEC LOCEAN.

We welcome feedbacks from users about the quality of these new products.

We have shown that, when considering monthly SSS anomalies, with respect to a SMOS monthly climatology (built from the SMOS_LOCEAN_v2013 products available at CATDS CEC LOCEAN), the precision of SMOS SSS monthly anomalies is on the order of 0.2 (see Boutin et al. 2016); in particular, working in terms of anomalies, removes most of the biases occuring around continents. In view of these good results, we have developped a first attempt to correct SMOS SSS systematic biases by preserving the temporal SMOS SSS dynamic (Kolodziejczyk et al., 2016). This method was the basis for the debiased products v0 delivered at CATDS CEC LOCEAN in March 2015. In version 1, it has been updated to be applied on CATDS RE04 reprocessed products (similar to ESA L2OS version 6 products) and it includes a latitudinal bias removal correction.
More information here.