New SSS reprocessing available

The CATDS operational (CPDC) Sea Surface Salinity processing has been updated since 15th May 2019. The period before May 2019 has been reprocessed (RE06).
Only SSS products corrected from systematic errors are now distributed.
One map each month, 10-day running means produced daily, and daily maps are distributed with a latency of 5 days. Corresponding maps are viewable on

The systematic corrections are now aligned with the CATDS CEC LOCEAN debiased v3 algorithm ( see here).
We recall below the correspondence between the operational and the versions from the CATDS CEC LOCEAN:

(expertise center)

CATDS CPDC products
(operational center)

Description summary

Debiased V2


~70km effective resolution 

Doi : 10.17882/52804#54823

RE05 MIR_CSQ3B_ products
~75km effective resolution; limited to 47°N-47°S
Doi : 10.12770/0f02fc28-cb86-4c44-89f3-ee7df6177e7b (RE05)

See Boutin et al., 2018

Debiased V3


~70km effective resolution

Doi: 10.17882/52804#57467

RE06 MIR_CSQ3B_ products
~75km effective resolution; global ocean coverage
Doi : 10.12770/0f02fc28-cb86-4c44-89f3-ee7df6177e7b (RE06)

Main changes with respect to version 2 and RE05:

- SSS natural variability (σSSSnat in Boutin et al. 2018) now vary seasonally;

- The absolute calibration uses the upper quantile of 8-yr ISAS SSS (instead of median; equation 4 in Boutin et al. 2018)

Product access here.