Available products from CPDC

Catalogue access

Product access

FTP access

The CATDS-CPDC products are freely available on FTP/HTTPS :
ftp ftp.ifremer.fr
user : ext-catds-cpdc
password : catds2010
or ftp://ext-catds-cpdc:catds2010@ftp.ifremer.fr/ (no longer works in the recent versions of most of the web browsers)
or https://data.catds.fr/cpdc/

Sipad access

The CATDS-CPDC products are also freely available with the Sipad.

The Sipad is a web-based interactive tool which allows subsettings (geographical or by groups of parameters) and temporal agregation.

The Sipad is available at www.catds.fr/sipad/

A specific registration is required on this site (link on he top right of the home page).

Mailing list

If you want to register to our mailing list to be informed about major events, please send us a message at support@catds.fr (less than 10 messages / year).