New L4 SMOS SMAP Merged Brightness Temperaure product

Panel A: SMOS Level-3 brightness temperatures after being bias-corrected with respect to SMAP Enhanced Level-3 brightness temperatures. H polarisation, A.M. (Ascending) orbit, 2020-07-28.
Panel B: SMAP Enhanced Level-3 brightness temperatures without water body correction. H polarisation, A.M. (Descending) orbit, 2020-07-28.
Panel C: Spatial coverage and revisit frequency of unbiased SMOS brightness temperatures used along with SMAP brightness temperatures. H polarisation, A.M. orbit, 2020-07-28

SMOS has been delivering data since 2010 and SMAP since 2015. Both instruments have very similar properties but slightly different orbits. So it seemed natural to see how the two data sets could be merged to obtain a single data set covering 2010 to now and with a higher revisit since 2015 thanks to the addition of SMAP data.

The main challenge is to account for the main difference between SMAP and SMOS which lies with the multiangular possibilities of SMOS. So the natural option is to transform SMOS data to be SMAP like with only one incidence.

This was done by Remi Madelon at CESBIO and now a SMAP like SMOS product is available at CATDS for you to use. It is a scientific product and your feedback is more than welcome.

More information and product access here.