L4 Above Ground Biomass

Monitoring Above Ground Biomass (AGB) is of prime importance to track the vegetation health and estimate the carbon stocks, among other applications. The Vegetation Optical Depth (VOD) derived from the multi-angular Brightness Temperatures (TB) measured by the Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) mission can be processed in order to get a global AGB estimation.

The AGB time series cover the life span of SMOS, i.e. 2010- 2022 at the moment.

The estimated global and annual AGB maps and their uncertainties are freely provided as NetCDF files. Each file holds the AGB and associated std for all years covered by SMOS for a particular reference map. They are freely distributed by the CATDS - Centre Aval de Traitement des Données SMOS so that users can benefit from them in their studies on e.g. vegetation state monitoring, carbon stock estimation, land cover and land use or any other relevant topics.


application/pdf AGB estimation

Data reference

Arnaud Mialon (2023). CATDS-CEC-SM L3 AGB Aggregated yearly global map of vegetation above ground biomass (AGB) obtained from SMOS' satellite optical thickness. CNES, IFREMER CESBIO(CATDS). doi:10.12770/95f76ff0-5d89-430d-80db-95fbdd77f543

Product access

FTP access

The AGB research products is freely available on FTP/HTTPS:
ftp ftp.ifremer.fr
user : ext-catds-cecsm
password : catds2010
chdir : Land_products/L4_Above_Ground_Biomass/
or ftp://ext-catds-cecsm:catds2010@ftp.ifremer.fr/Land_products/L4_Above_Ground_Biomass (no longer works in the recent versions of most of the web browers)
or https://data.catds.fr/cecsm/Land_products/L4_Above_Ground_Biomass/

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