L4 Land research products

SMOS level 4 research products for land surfaces

The Level 4 data consist in data obtained from SMOS lower level products combined to data from other sensors  or using modeling including data assimilation.

Currently 5 L4 research products over land surfaces are available:

  1. L4 Agricultural Drought Index
    Contact : ahmad.albitar@cesbio.cnes.fr
  2. L4 Soil Moisture from AMSR-E/SMOS synergie using Neural Networks
    Contact : nemesio.rodriguez@cesbio.cnes.fr & yann.kerr@cesbio.cnes.fr
  3. L4 Surface Roughness Map
    Contact : wigneron@bordeaux.inra.fr & marie.parrens@cesbio.cnes.fr
  4. L4 PrISM (Precipitation Inferred from Soil Moisture)
    Contact : thierry.pellarin@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr
  5. L4 AGB (Above Ground Biomass)
    Contact : yann.kerr@cesbio.cnes.fr

Data policy

The CATDS Level 4 land products are freely disseminated. However when using this data in a publication, it  is required to cite the reference paper indicated in the products header of each product.


Product access

FTP access

The L4 land research products are freely available on FTP/HTTPS:
ftp ftp.ifremer.fr
user: ext-catds-cecsm
password: catds2010
chdir: Land_products
or ftp://ext-catds-cecsm:catds2010@ftp.ifremer.fr/Land_products (no longer works in the recent versions of most of the web browers)
or https://data.catds.fr/cecsm/Land_products/

Mailing list

If you want to register to our mailing list to be informed about major events, please send us a message at support@catds.fr (less than 10 messages / year).