Why is there some gaps in the data ?

In 2010

  • SMOS nominal acquisitions started on 12/01/2010, just after the first full calibration of the instrument. Data acquired prior to this date and since 17/11/2009 (instrument switch on) can't be used.
  • From 20/04/2010 to 26/04/2010, an electrical stability test was performed on the instrument. During this period, no data were acquired.
  • From 25/12/2010 to 02/01/2011, the arm B suffered from abnormal thermal regulation. The data are degraded and can't be used.

In 2016

  • On 15/03/2016, a maintenance was performed on the software of the onboard GPS. During this period, no data were acquired.

In 2023

  • From 08/09/2023 to 13/09/2023, SMOS suffered an anomaly with its onboard GPS. Data acquired during this period are missing, but will maybe be recovered on the frame of a future reprocessing


Due to the temporal window used, the Soil Moisture level 3 products are unavailable a bit more around those gaps.